Chance Encounter(s) (2015)

Performed at RAILYARD PERFORMANCE CENTER, Santa Fe, NM (2015).

Peter DiGennaro

The first performance of Chance Encounter(s) is part of the larger PADD project entitled Aleatory Remains, which launched spring of 2015. As part of a week-long residency in Santa Fe, Alejandro guided senior company members and guest Santa Fe dancers through the rehearsal and performance process of his latest endeavor into chance dancing. “Aleatory Remains is a choreographic examination of how ‘chance procedures’ challenge traditional notions of ownership and commercialization of dances as art objects and commodities,” Alejandro explains. Aleatory Remains is constructed from pre-prepared instructions drawn from a satchel in front of the audience. The instructions include the type of gestures/movements, their sequence/order, the number of repetitions, and instructions on spatial configurations or directions. “The challenge for the dancers and the spectators is to perceive the rigorous unfolding of thematic material into a cohesive whole; nothing about aleatory processes is left to chance when the compositional mind is yolked through the lexical structuring.  Syntax is everything in meaning making in dance and life!” says Alejandro. 


Chance Encounter(s) Part I from PADD on Vimeo.

Chance Encounter(s) Part II from PADD on Vimeo.

Chance Encounter(s) Part III from PADD on Vimeo.IMG_8832







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